• The beneficiary must agree that all the information you give us is true and correct. This is the underlying principle of the agreement. This benefit applies to the Tombstone products only and excludes all external costs for services or other products either requested by the next of kin or demanded by regulatory requirement.
  • A 6 (six) month waiting period will apply to all new clients for natural causes, no waiting period for accidental death.
  • Benefit claims may only be requested after 3 successful months of payment
  • All valid claims are to be submitted within 30 days of the death of the person covered. This can be waived at our discretion.
  • Pre-existing conditions and suicide will have a 2 (two) year waiting period.
  • Stillborn is covered on the Family Cover, provided pregnancy occurred after inception of the plan, and pregnancy duration is longer than 26 weeks.
  • Tombstone Assist is not a cash-back product, therefore no surrender values will apply. In addition cover is only active if the beneficiary is fully paid-up and eligible for services at the time of death.
  • Beneficiaries and/or their next of kin must provide proof of membership to be eligible for the benefit (this can be done with the ID document).
  • This benefit can only be redeemed in South Africa.
  • This benefit cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • We do not pay for consequential losses.
  • This is a stand-alone benefit and has no effect on any other plans or policies, funeral or similar type of product that may be owned/ covered by the claimant or deceased.

Who can claim?

  • Any beneficiary that is eligible on the death (Accidental or Natural) of a covered family member.
  • A close relative of the deceased in respect of Tombstone provision.
  • Note any claimant under the age of 18 must be assisted by a parent or legal guardian.

The Process

  • The beneficiary will contact the call centre during office hours (8am to 5pm during weekdays) and submit the particulars of their claim.
  • Once membership has been confirmed, and required documentation has been received, a claim number and order document will be processed.
  • Where the deceased beneficiary has been involved in a crime, a police report (Case Number) needs to accompany the claim documentation (cause of death, etc.) Client should provide the following supporting documentation:

  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Certified copy of deceased ID
  • Certified copy of birth certificate if deceased is a minor
  • Copy of BI-1663/ DH1663-notification of death
  • Certified proof of identity of the claimant
  • Fully completed police report if unnatural / accidental death
  • If stillbirth, letter from Doctor confirming duration of pregnancy

Service Level Commitment

Tombstone Assist commits to a 7 working day turnaround on delivery of the Tombstone once all relevant documentation has been received.

Important Information

  • The claim must be lodged within 60 days from which the death occurred.
  • The Tombstone Assist offering is a stand-alone Value Added Product and is supplementary to other products and should be considered in conjunction with having accident cover, life insurance and funeral cover.


  • Claims arising from participating in demonstrations, civil unrest or criminal activities will not be covered.
  • Frame/ Ledger or Slab is not included.
  • This benefit cannot be redeemed for equal/ similar cash value.
  • Benefit does not cover Funeral equipment, or any other items.
  • Headstones will not be delivered outside of South African borders.

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