“When someone you loved becomes a memory,

The memory becomes treasure…”

Set in Stone commits to a 7 working day

turnaround on delivery of the Tombstone

once all relevant

 documentation has been received.

You will be able to select whether you require a Tombstone for an Individual, Couple or a Family. The Tombstone is a trademarked product called Dheranite™ and processed whereby actual stone has been cast and polished to provide beneficiaries with a high end premium product that is SABS approved for 50+ years as well as approved by the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Management, as it complies with all the Cemetery and Crematorium by-laws. The beauty of the product is that over and above its weather and fire resistant properties it offers no value to criminals that would steal traditional headstones, providing beneficiaries with a product that would last and still serve as a memorial for generations to come.

Someday I will soar

Where only eagle dare fly

My wings will span great distances

In a clear blue azure sky

So high above this worldly place

Than Heaven’s doors I’ll see

And angels voices will start to carry me through

Skies ringing with sweet melody

For God has promised us this day

If his name we will revere

And I hold this promise in my heart as I mount up

With wings that shall have no fear

“Sweet are the Memories that never fade”

“Behold, I send an angel before you

to guard you on the way and to bring

you to the place that I have prepared.”

– Exodus 23:20


Set in Stone offers a  Tombstone that is of the highest quality providing beneficiaries with a life-long solution.

Transportation and Delivery

Beneficiaries will be able to have the product delivered either to their funeral parlour or any location situated in the main cities or selected major towns around South Africa.


These will be easily processed through a dedicated call centre on presentation of a death certificate and supporting documentation. Once processed delivery will take place within 7 working days.


Beneficiaries have options between a Black Granite and a White Marble Headstone as well as individualising the Headstone with add-on's and engraving.

Decorative Add-On's

A variety of decorative add-on's will allow beneficiaries to individualise their headstone. Some examples such as a Christ Figure, Angels, Filigree, etc. will be available for selection.



Be covered for as little as R89/month


Cover includes 1 x adult + 1 x dependent for as little as R105/month


Cover includes 2 x adults + 2 x dependents for as little as R120/month

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